PVDP provides skill trainings to sets youth up not only for a job, but for the life skills they need to work to overcome poverty. Whether it’s training in sewing, mechanics, beautician, or mobile phone repair, students are equipped with skills to build a better life. 

Motor Cycle repairing course

With the assistance and support of our donors since 2020, PVDP organized two, four-month workshop for teaching young men from rural families, the repair and maintenance of motorcycles. PVDP also provided a professional instructor to train these young men. Many of the youth from the rural areas cannot afford higher education and therefore they remain unskilled and unemployed. For this reason they are unable to support their families. PVDP encouraged these young men to train in this specific field in a safe environment. This training keeps young men off the streets and gives them the opportunity of improving their life as well as skills. Most of these young men have been gainfully employed and some have even ventured into starting their own business on a small scale. PVDP hopes to continue these skill training sessions in the coming years for youth who are uneducated and need to work for their living. 

Beautician kit

PVDP recognizes the role of women in the work place and initiated the training of young women/girls to develop their beautician skills through four months trainings.
Girls/women who are not able to continue their studies and sitting idle at homes are engaged to build their employable capacity to work as beautician. After the training these girls/women become certified beauticians and can be employed by beauty parlors and can also work from home in their neighborhoods. These young girls/women are given training on hairstyling, makeup, facials, manicure and pedicure under the professional trainers. One girl/woman after training can easily earn PKR. 25,000 to 30,000 per month. 


PVDP is supporting with assistance of donors to provide tailoring trainings to young women who are poor and like to earn to support their poor families. In this regard PVDP has trained more than 90 poor women/girls to become qualified tailors and earn themselves a living by doing tailoring work for the customers. Out of these 90 women trained, PVDP/Donors have provided sewing machines with pedals to 30 women who can now engage themselves in sewing clothes to earn a living. Each woman when using their own sewing machine can earn PKR 18,000 to 20,000 per month.