The Beneficiary got Rainwater Tank

I am Kasobaan lives in one of targeted villages of CED project in Tharparkar. I am 46 years old with a disability for many years. In this situation, I am doing work independently. A few years ago, I started a small shop at my home with rupees 5 to 8 thousand investment. Being a disable person it was not easy to fetch water from a deep well to fulfill daily necessity. I used to request my neighbors to fetch water for me on daily basis. PVDP team visited my village and conducted household assessment survey. After assessment PVDP selected eighteen beneficiaries, including myself and provided Rain water Tanks along with Bio Sand Nadi Filters. I attended health and hygiene training sessions organized by PVDP team. After a few sessions I now have a good knowledge on hygienic practices and I have enough water available for drinking and washing, at home. PVDP also provided me a hygiene kit. I conduct sessions on health and hygiene in my village to make them aware of water borne diseases and the advantages of clean drinking water, through Bio-Sand Nadi filters. I am grateful to PVDP and CED who have supported me in difficult times and made my life easier.