PVDP works with people of marginalized communities to develop their skills, confidence, and resources to increase their household income and become decision-makers within their homes and communities. The aim of economic empowerment initiatives is to strengthen their socio-economic status while improving their access to education, healthcare, and food security and overcoming the root causes of poverty.
Depending on the community’s needs and preferences, these initiatives may include the distribution of agricultural inputs through voucher schemes, infrastructure repair through cash-for-work or food-for-work, the provision of veterinary services, and Recognizing that quantity and quality of food are important, relevant training is also incorporated such as integrated crop management, livestock management, and kitchen gardening. By improving agricultural practices, the communities are better able to utilize their resources to increase the quantity and quality of food, resulting in increased income, food security, and nutrition.

The beginning of 2021 saw the continuation of COVID-19 Pandemic after February 2020 a heavily affecting the socio-economic life of the people. The Political unrest associated with lockdowns due to the increase of COVID cases had badly affected daily routine of the people.
PVDP provided 214 youth (girls and boys) skilled training to enhance their employment capability. At the completion of their training PVDP organized certificate distribution ceremonies where in the trainees were provided tool kits to assist them in their employable skill.
40% training was given to youth (males) in Motor Bike repair and 60% were for youth (Females) for Tailoring and Beautician courses. Tool kits for the respective trades, are additional component which help the participants to increase their income after completing their course.