Kitchen Gardening

”This small garden provides income for my family,” says 42 year old Nanju, a beneficiary of a PVDP project titled, Provision of humanitarian relief to drought affected communities in UC Vejhiar, District Tharparkar, Sindh Province Through this project, thousands of women in Sindh have taken up kitchen gardening to improve their food supply and incomes. Kitchen gardening is a technique used by PVDP to help alleviate poverty and food shortages in some of the poorest communities. The project worked in Tharparkar where, according to the Survey, less than one-third of all households are food secure, and one in six households constantly face severe hunger. PVDP conducted training sessions in Nanju’s village where she eagerly attended all the sessions and learned how to prepare soil, plant vegetables and many other techniques. To apply her new knowledge, Nanju started growing seasonal vegetables on a 100 square yards plot –the only land her family had, near her house. PVDP provided seeds and fertilizer to support her effort. Two months later, Nanju’s garden started growing vegetables, and she used her produce to prepare food for her family. Nanju also shared the vegetables with her neighbors, who praised her gardening skills. Nanju now cooks more nutritious meals for her family thereby supplementing her family income by selling the surplus vegetables. “By growing our own vegetables, we spend less money on food,” says Nanju who made a total of Rupees 3,000 Rupees per month. “Our family is grateful to PVDP for supporting us. It has given us hope for a better life,” says Nanju.