The beneficiary received Poultry birds

“Due to the support and assistance of PVDP, our family’s a source of food and income has improved,” says Jumana w/o Faqeero, a young mother of one son and two daughters living in village Dawood Wassan UC Khan Taluka Hussain Bux Mari District Mirpurkhas. Jumana, her husband Faqeero and their children are among the two thousand flood-affected farmer families in Mirpurkhas District, who received poultry from PVDP. Each family received four hens and one rooster, as well as chicken feed. Jumana and other women also attended training session that the project team organized for the recipients, teaching them how to care for the chickens. As well as, how to earn a living from the sale of their eggs. Jumana and her husband built a small enclosure, using mud and other locally available materials, to safely contain the chickens from predators. In the following weeks Jumana’s hens started laying eggs. The family now collects three to four eggs a day. Sometimes the eggs are used for meals and some are sold in the local market at approximately Rupees 12/- to 15/-per egg. Jumana said “Previously, we could rarely afford to eat eggs for our meals. But now we have enough for our meal and also sell the eggs and earn an income.” Jumana is says she is grateful to PVDP and DKH who have initiated this project of poultry farming, which has made a positive change in her and her family’s lives.